The Perfect Mound



Business Manager

Chaz Schneider is TPM’s acting business manager and analyst – focused on logistics management and modeling. He is a lifelong baseball fan (Atlanta Braves) who brings decades of sports specific passion to his position.

Since joining the team in 2022, internal SOPs and shipping efficiencies have seen dramatic improvements.

Schneider graduated from the Kansas University with both Undergrad and Master’s degrees in Sport Management. He has held various positions within the KU Athletic Department, including equipment management and sport specific admin duties. Previous to his graduation, he spent time in Professional Baseball as a data analyst and marketing assistant. Chaz also logs experience in banking, working as a loan officer in the Greater Kansas City area.

He is from Tribune, Kansas and still enjoys farming with his family. Chaz is an avid runner and marathoner. His primary residence is KC, Mo., where he lives with his girlfriend, dog Murphy and pet rabbit Grey Boy.

Why The Perfect Mound?

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