Why The Perfect Mound?

The Perfect Mound portable pitcher's mounds were designed with all of the following features in mind: long lasting, low maintenance, portability, safety, and lightweight.

Long LastingPitchers Mound

  • The Perfect Mound is built with the highest grade fiberglass.
  • The fiberglass construction gives the entire mound extreme durability and strength.
  • The Perfect Mound has a 10 year limited warranty.

Low Maintenance

  • The Perfect Mound does not need the hours of maintenance that is required with a dirt mound.
  • The Perfect Mound is engineered to retain its constant shape.
  • Only maintenance required is on the artificial turf.


  • The Perfect Mound is designed to be taken on and off the field of play
  • Individual mound pieces assemble and disassemble in minutes
  • Portability of the mound allows for the playing field to be transformed into a softball, soccer, football field, etc...



  • The Perfect Mound individual pieces are designed to be lightweight and durable for ease of portability
  • Individual mound pieces can be moved easily with 2 people.



  • The Perfect Mound is engineered with the player's safety in mind
  • No lip edge reduces tripping and falling on the mound, as well as, bad bounces.
  • No more dangerous angles and slopes