Perfect Mound Testimonials

"The Perfect Mound has been a great purchase for us! We have multiple leagues and age groups utilize our fields, so we are adjusting our mound locations daily. The three piece construction allows for easy handling, installation and removal."

Lloyd Fussell
Turf Manager
O'Fallon Parks and Recreation Dept.

"The Perfect Mound provides the most natural experience for pitching off of a portable mound that we have found. The slope closely mirrors the slope of a natural mound and the pitchers look and feel more comfortable than when pitching off of other portable mounds. The three piece construction is extremely sturdy and should last for years of use."

Calvin Beckmann
Park & Grounds Supt.
O'Fallon Parks & Recreation Dept.

"The perfect mound has excelled where other mounds have failed....The perfect mound's design allows for the pieces to be moved easily on and off of the playing surface. The mound's fiberglass design ensures that the largest of athletes will be assured of the mounds steadiness. The perfect mound's edges are so thin that they transition seamlessly to the playing surface assuring normal bounces during play. The perfect mound has the portability, the stability and the playability demanded by professional facilities and the highest caliber of athletes."

Steve Gomric
General Manager
Gateway Grizzlies

"After 8 months of constant play, The Perfect Mound has performed fabulously. Our pitchers loved it. Our opponents loved it. All the outside groups using our field loved it."

Gary Collins
Head Baseball Coach
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

"To say that we are pleased with The Perfect Mound would be an understatement! The mound concept brilliant, the product outstanding, the application to our synthetic infield perfect, and the performance has far exceeded our expectations."

Dr. Bradley Hewitt
Director of Athletics
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville

"The best compliment the Perfect Mound could receive is when a couple of our pitchers said, "After the first couple of pitches I forgot I was on a turf mound." Solid foundation gives it that "real feel". I highly recommend the Perfect Mound over any other artificial turf mound I've seen. Consistent from first pitch to last pitch."

Brooks Carey
Pitching Coach
Evansville Otters Minor League Baseball